Cynthia came in this week with a completed lace shawl called Haruni (a Ravelry pattern). She knit it in red Findley (800 yards per ball). As a service to my customers, I block their smaller lace projects for free. Tonight, my huz and I blocked out this beautiful shawl. Before and after photos below.

So, WHY? Sure, lace needs to be blocked to open up the pattern. But why anything else?

1- blocking helps the buried ends set into place so they are less likely to shift and come loose.
2- blocking allows the yarn to bloom and the garment to relax into its intended shape
3- things just look better

MOVIE: “Bernie” — my huz recommended this and I watched it this afternoon. It is a dark comedy starring Shirley McLaine, Matthew McConahey, and Jack Black. It was simultaneously hilarious and thought provoking. It is on instant play if you have Netflix.

Here are some pics– have a great Sunday! m.e.