Here is what part one should look like:


Here are the directions for Part Two:
Rnd 21: (yo, k1, yo, ssk, k8) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 22: knit
Rnd 23: (yo, k1, yo, ssk, yo, ssk, k7) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 24: knit
Rnd 25: (yo, k1, [yo, ssk] x 3, k6) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 26: knit
Rnd 27: (yo, 1, [yo, ssk] x 4, k5) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 28: knit
Rnd 29: (yo, k1, [yo, ssk] x 5, k4) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 30: knit
Rnd 31: (yo, k1, [yo, ssk] x 6, k3) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 32: knit
Rnd 33: (yo, k1, [yo, ssk] x 7, k2) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 34: knit
Rnd 35: (yo, k1, [yo, ssk] x 8, k1) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 36: knit
Rnd 37: (yo, k1, [yo, ssk] x 9) rep ( to ) around.
Rnd 38, 39, 40, 41: KNIT

Yesterday, DH got a very cold sink bath as the hot water heater had died a very ugly death in the back of the basement. We are running fans and a dehumidifier to dry things up and I’m sure it could have been much worse. Highest recommendations to O’KEEFE PLUMBING AND HEATING. Mr. O’Keefe has replaced both our furnace and hot water heater and has just always been there for us in times of crisis. I can only give him the highest kudos should you ever need such services.

Another recommendation: a book Chris brought in about cast on and binding off. It was complete, clear and easy to follow. I plan on adding it to my knit library (photo below).

Take care and may your appliances stay functional!
xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn