A few of my friends have expressed some disbelief and curiosity about the 5a.m. blogs. These are the people who, when they come see me first thing at the studio, bring caffeine. So what gives?

Recently, I wrote a blog I wanted to save as a draft but forgot how. I was pressing random buttons (Suzy assures me I have nothing to lose by this except maybe my draft). I discovered again how to save a Post as a Draft AND how to schedule when it is to be released–hence the 5 a.m. release time. This way the blog post becomes available same day to parts of the world that have already been vertical for part of the day. No, I am not awake at five in the morning. I am comatose and nailed down to my mattress by at least three cats. Rest assured, I am STILL NOT a morning person.

Due to the snow-day here, the Studio will be closed. I needed to be a good wife and have breakfast with my husband before he drove off to a meeting in Boston for the next week. And, I figured, Brian could be home for the snow day like the other kids in our area…hopefully buying me some adolescent goodwill.

Have a great day and get to work on your mystery knit. The next part is gorgeous!
Love, light and laughter,
M.E. and Summit Yarn Studio