Here is something that has been popular with the Brown Sheep Bulky Superwash yarn. My knitters can get a headband and a scarf from two balls. The scarf pattern will be released free next week.

Cast on 12 stitches on US11 needles.
RS Row 1: KNIT
WS Row 2: k2-p8-k2
RS Row 3: KNIT
WS Row 4: k2-p8-k2
RS Row 5: k2, sl 4 sts to cable needle and hold at back of work,
K next four sts, k4 from cable needle, k2.
WS Row 6: k2-p8-k2

Repeat for 18-20″ depending in size of cranium and BO loosely in knit.
Sew or graft ends together.