This is somewhere in the third year of writing this fun blog and making new friends around the world. I took some screen shots of the statistics today and thought you might enjoy seeing the evolution. Right now, I am watching the States in America each approach 1000 readers or more. I remember when I was waiting for the top ten states to just hit 100 readers each not that long ago. The blog is read in 120 countries plus some anonymous places as you will see in the photos below.

This has become a great way to let local knitters know what’s new and about upcoming events as well as a way for fiber enthusiasts to have me ship them a specific yarn or pattern they might have trouble finding elsewhere. And of course, one of the followed topics/photos are the menagerie of pets who come visit me here and my babes at home. (Shout out to Gerrie in The Netherlands!). There are also my dear friends in South Africa, Pinky and Carle, who have both checked in here. Make sure to check them out at the Nurturing Fibers Group on Ravelry! You can find out all about their blogs there. Those of you who are crocheters, look up Heidi Bears on Ravelry for her detailed blog and adorable patterns. Special hellos to Pennsylvania, USA — my number one readership!







My son had a basketball game last night and they won again! At dinner we had Chinese food. After the game he said the statement that became the title for this blog. It just sounded like a tee shirt saying and made us all laugh at the sound of it! Have a great day around the world and I look forward as always to your comments and shares. Loads of Love, M.E. & Summit Yarn