My January 2013 shipment of this sock club arrived Saturday at 10:15 a.m. By 10:30 p.m. The first sock was complete. Why would an LYS owner need more yarn? Well, who doesn’t need more yarn? Seriously, though, I love this club. The dyer, Tina Newton, writes dyers notes and shares her artistic process (as well as that of the two designers who contribute patterns to each shipment). She shares candidly of herself and I appreciate it. She helps me tune into my process, see how to fit designs together so there is an evolution from one part of a garment to the next, and just how to keep reaching outside of the box for new expressions of my Art.

Sometimes I knit the patterns as they are written. Sometimes, though the socks are the same yarn, they are not the same pattern. Sometimes there is just one piece of a pattern that catches my eye and I play with evolving that. I use this club as an Artist Date, if you will, where there is a journey to nowhere in particular but with incredible (in)Sights along the Way. Sometimes, the included patterns don’t speak to me at all and I have something else in mind to do with the yarn. Sometimes I just hoard the yarn, and that is okay, too.

I love the line-up of socks in my drawer or as they hang after they are just washed. Although I have no idea where life is going next; I do have an idea of where I’ve been and remember the lessons learned along the way. My knitting does this for me–it serves as an anchor and reminder…a signpost or yellow Camino Arrow. Keep moving, there is still so very much to experience!