So it would seem I owe you two blog entries. Here is the first. Designing for the Knitty 2013 Contest has been quite a journey from which I have learned a great deal. The last piece I am completing, hopefully this weekend, taught me how to stay tuned into the evolution of a piece. I had a basic idea and a design plan to go with it. After the first part of construction a lightbulb went on and I had to change horses midst ride as it were because the design had ideas of its own. Good thing I listened. This is one of my favorite pieces ever and the response from local knitters has been humbling and sweet. Once the March 15 deadline has passed I will post photos but for now must retain secrecy in the hopes of a chance to win at one of the three levels. Please keep your fingers crossed–this is very exciting and new to put myself “out there” in this way.

We had about eight inches of snow here — hard to tell due to wind and snow drifts. It is beautiful. This is part of makes Winter complete for me. The chance to snug in my home is wonderful, with all the animals gathered nearby. I love this kind of afternoon. I hope anyone else affected has power and warmth.