As you may or may not know, I belong to Rockin Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Rarely, do I knit anything beyond the sock pattern–one of two patterns which comes with each of the six kits. This time I was really into the theme and after knitting the socks had just the perfect ball of yarn for the sweet shawlette pattern by Shannon Squire. It knit up beautifully although something seemed off. I posted on the Ravelry forum in the correct thread that I thought there was an issue with a certain row. The response was, too say the least, unexpected and provoking. What really burned me up the most was that I let it get to me at all.

I try so deeply to practice maintaining an even keel. Even so this incident touched something deep inside that had absolutely nothing to do with knitting. And I am grateful to say that Chris understood on levels that I needed spelled out for me. As always it came down to old stuff between my mother and I that never had a chance to be resolved while she was alive. I am so blessed to have this friendship with Chris, who knows my heart sometimes better than I do. Do you have a friend like that? Take the time to let them know, as I am here.

We visited this morning and we didn’t dwell the whole time on the stupid event. We moved on to any number of other subjects. The morning sped by and I was sad to see it end. What knitting has done for me is draw near a circle of dear friends, probably more than I deserve and I am grateful for every one of them. They are dear and I hold them in my heart at all times. On the Camino, I had songs for each one of them on my playlist. Having such friends means that no matter where I may be in this world, I am never far from home. My only hope is that I can be just as good a friend back to them.

May you ALL be blessed with dear friends and a heart full of gratitude to carry you through the rough moments. Happy knitting! M.E. and Summit Yarn Studio