A few months ago I began using Pinterest as a bulletin board place to keep odds and ends of ideas that piqued my creativity. I could maintain different boards based on subject and keep myself a bit sorted. So much better than piles of paper ripped from magazines…which the cats then scatter to the ends of our home.

I have not been on Pinterest for awhile, by it seems there has been quite a bit of growth and change. Patterns for both knit and crochet are available for free and for purchase, as well as links back to Ravelry. Sounds like we all pay a bit more attention to this up and coming site. I plan to spend some time looking around later this afternoon while number one son is at tennis lesson.

Props to dear hubby for helping me block my entry to the Knitty competition last night. It took us an hour and I have workouts with my trainer that were easier. Now waiting for it to dry so I can do the photography and the paperwork for the entry submission. It was an idea that took on a life of its own and completely deviated from my initial design plan…in the most wonderful way possible. It is hard not to share. But photos will be posted March 15th once the submission deadline is complete.

Jamie and I watched the movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” this past Sunday at the studio. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It was great to watch and the intensity of it helped me get a ton of speed knitting done–always to Jamie’s amusement.

The patterns are coming along nicely for our mystery sock KAL and the response has been great! Please send photos as you go along. I should have the next sections for both the toe-up and cuff-down ready to post later this week. I just want to knit what I have written to make sure it is error-free.

Take care and watch out: the squirrels are back out and running around!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn