Nurturing Fibres has a yarn club dedicated to giving people not living in South Africa a feel for that beautiful country. The first shipment is spectacular and I felt it deserved something more than a shawlette and pair of socks.

I’ve had a design in mind reminiscent of a sweater my mother knit me as a child (circa second grade I think). Tonight I managed to push to what I think will make the piece more Art and perhaps less sweater but loads of fun to knit. Of course it is in the early stages and still subject to rip. Will keep you posted–hopefully a photo tomorrow.

Nikkers was overwhelmed because I had three balls of yarn attached all at one time. He kicked two off the table behind me, distracting me long enough to grab the third ball and make a break for…where? I don’t know. It was a real cluster. He’s in my lap now trying to make amends.

Take care and knit on with fortitude…AND WHAT ABOUT THE SEASON FINALE OF DOWNTON ABBEY??????
M.E. and Summit Yarn