There is this woman I know–I don’t know her personally and she is not someone I really click with on any level. I am, however, polite and make the niceties of small talk when necessary.
We can refer to her as SE.

When my son came out of his tennis lesson, he was visibly upset. Apparently, this woman had cornered him inside the tennis club and asked him questions about my store, my pod outside my store, whether he was going to the high school or being home schooled next year and on and on. I can’t imagine why when she had to walk past me in my car to go inside. If she had those questions, she should direct them to me. Then I could tell her to mind her own business.

Not to mention the fact, that an adult cornering a child that way is totally CREEPERS. I made sure my son understood this and told him to just walk away from her from now on. Honestly!