Twice this week, at least, I gave The Speech. I try so hard to make it appealing and sweet and well, meaningful. And the audience always gives me that lovely look that means “I’m only listening out of courtesy”. And we play the game. GAUGE is so important to planning a project. You don’t have to keep the swatch once you have measured it, counted stitches and rows per inch, and figured out how much yarn it took to make it (in case yardage use is a concern–like I want to make a 30″ x 40″ blanket–how much yarn will I need?) These numbers tell you precisely how much yarn you need. These numbers tell you everything you could possibly need to know. These numbers are SO important.

These numbers will not tell you:
How long will it take me to knit this?
Will I like it?
Will it look good?
Will the person I am knitting this for like it?
These are what if questions–I have nothing for you there but good wishes!

Speech over. Gauge–try it, you might like it.
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn