As you may know I have been reveling in the sock yarn by Nurturing Fibres, dyed be Carle’ Dehning. Before I bring a yarn into the studio I like to give it a thorough workout. The yarn I have been using for my socks for the mystery KAL is one of hers, called: Robin Meets Dove. Well, I got the name wrong in my head, thinking it was Robin meets Dave — I don’t know, maybe some in-joke. It didn’t really matter to me, as the yarn is blue and grey and pretty all over.

Recently, there was some discussion on the Ravelry group for Nurturing Fibres and Carle’ corrected the name. This Sunday, and not a moment before, I looked at the yarn and went “OH BIRDS!”. Jamie looked at me like — God help us, now what? I said: the yarn, I get the Dove Grey but Robins have red breasts. I looked at her with my most quizzical of expressions. She very patiently said: um, Robins eggs? (And very kindly left off “dumbass”). Ooooooooooooooooooh!

If you have had the virus that’s been going around, you will understand. I wound up with pneumonia and am still stupid tired as I attempt to recover. I thought though, this was worth a laugh.20130226-110158.jpg20130226-110206.jpg20130226-110217.jpg