Now that you have completed the heel and are knitting in the round again, you have some choices to make. First: what do you want to do up the back of the leg? I began by setting the the k2p2 rib as before and kept to that pattern. Second: what do you want to do with the lace panel?

1- you can stop doing the increase on one side and the decrease on the other side of the panel and run the lace panel straight up the front of the sock.

2- you can zigzag it up the front of the sock as you did on the instep.

3- you can choose to swirl it around the leg (this was my choice) either continuing in the same direction you are already moving (again, this was my choice) or you can reverse direction and then swirl.

The stitch pattern choices are all there. When the leg is 1.75 inches less than the length you would like complete 20 rounds of K1 through the back loop, P1 ( but the first time you purl you will have to purl two stitches together to get back to an even stitch number ). Bind off loosely in pattern. Someone asked: why this cuff? It makes the stitches pop, it is long enough to fit my leg well, and I had to write something so I chose my favorite cuff. Can you do a different cuff — like k2p2, or something else? Can you run the lace panel all the way to the top? Can you knit on a lace edge? Of course you can, it is your sock. This is your Artwork, my socks are my Artwork. Surprise me and send pictures!

xx M.E. and Summit Yarn