As happens, my printer at the studio died recently, as did Brian’s homeschool printer. We have been working first to get Brian up and running. Late last week Brian’s new printer arrived from the Charter School and Brian attempted to link it to his computer and get it running. No luck. Next I threw Gary in there, who quit after three minutes. I tossed him back into the office and told him he works with computers all day — go make a real effort. No luck. I went in and tried. No luck.

I called the school’s technical support. They rock and alway get things to work. Tech number 27 called. 13 minutes into the call, he said: don’t worry the call before you was also a printer issue and took two and a half hours to fix. 40 minutes into the call I am pretty sure I heard muffled sounds of weeping. 54 minutes into the call we made an executive decision that the printer was broken.

Today, the second new printer arrived. Brian had it hooked up and humming in five minutes. Go figure.