Today was my husbands 50th birthday. That means we have spent more than half our lives together as a couple and even before that as friends. That realization sat me back on my heels a bit. There is no other living person I have known as long or have as many in-jokes with and quick understandings. I’m not going mushy–I still remember he is also the person who booked my flights for Spain and forgot to pick me up on the day I arrived home in Newark. And that too, is now part of our collective history. I can’t fathom trying to restart my relationship life, as some people courageously do, after he and I have been through so very much together. Hmmph. Food for thought.

The studio was busy today and best of all, Pat Schlosser learned how to knit socks today. Kudos!
I began a new sweater with the yarn my son gave me for Christmas and Robin is nearly done with her hat. Suzy is working on a new Kieran Foley design, called Shetland Ruffles. Jamie is busy with socks and swatching for a new sweater.

Nikkers and Murray are kicking each others butts right now. Murray is acquiring wisdom. He sat on Nikkers head this morning so he could visit before I got up. It was hilarious and smart! This way he had his back to Nikkers so he couldn’t get hit in the face or on the head. Nikkers was absolutely befuddled. ;-D