Last week both Donna nd Suzy found two very different and awesome scarf patterns. I though you might want to know about them. I have them both on needle and am loving them for completely opposite reasons.


The first is a very easy and addictive scarf by Heidi Kirrmaier called: Windward. I just want to go sit in a corner and knit it until I am done. It is easy. The directions are well-written and it is fun. On Ravelry, the first few scarves I saw were either one color or very subdued. The pattern, though, made me think of the sailboats at Lake George with their brightly colored sails. So, I plundered the sock yarn shelves here at the studio until I found just the thing for me. I wanted a bright self-striping yarn that would really reflect the changing textures and directions. It may not be for everyone, but I am loving my version. And yes, Donna, I did tweak the pattern in one spot–it couldn’t be helped.


The other pattern is by Kieran Foley, whom I salute on bended knee for his infinite creativity. The base stitch pattern of his shawl is Old Shale (aka Feather and Fan). However, he has made interesting once again a stitch which was starting to make me snore–having knit it so many times.
Suzy chose bright colors for hers and I was drawn to a more muted palette for this scarf. The only tweak I am tempted to do is a garter ridge by knitting the wrong side row every 8th row or so. Otherwise, this is a do what you are told pattern created by a brilliant mind.



Go take a look on Ravelry and look at all the projects…maybe something will grab your attention!