This evening I finally sent in my entry to the Knitty contest from the Knitty Winter 2012 issue. Franklin Habit posted a counterpane square and challenged us to design with it. If you have been putting off submitting your entry, this is the week to get it done. I have to admit to some anxiety once I sent off that email. It is hard to put myself out there like that. My knitting is my Art and deeply personal. Playing the piano is the same for me. Although I am a trained classical pianist, I do not like to perform. I do love to teach the music that means so much to me, but that is a different kind of sharing, entirely.

That said, the newest issue of is out. My favorite pattern is Jetstream!

Today was very busy at the studio. And once the people from near Wilkes Barre arrived, we had a fun sit, knit and visit. Charlotte worked on her “Angel” sweater, Robin on her hat, and Jamie is test-knitting my newest design. I worked on my sweater from the yarn my son gave me for Christmas.

Hope all is well and harmonious for Ewe!
xxx M.E. Langeri and Summit Yarn