Robin is making a lovely K1P1 scarf from Skacel HiKoo Simpliworsted in gray, blue and yellow. If anyone loves knitting with multiple colors as much as I do, it is Robin. She and I have been talking about how to resolve the issue of bicolor purls on both sides of this kind of fabric, but that is a tutorial for another day.

I had a couple of orphan balls of Colinette Cadenza lying around so began a K1P1 scarf of my own, because I think Robin’s is cool and I wanted to play with a couple of ideas. What came of the tinkering around, is that I found a way to do Intarsia that I actually enjoy. I haven’t done a complicated design — just a checkerboard pattern and the texture of this kind of rib stitch hides the yarn twists — making it a perfectly reversible scarf! Great way to use up yarn leftovers from other projects and what about socks done in this rib using this idea? AWESOME! Can’t wait to go try!

Here are some photos: (please note I have not taken this project home because I think my cat, Nikkers would lose his mind over all the yarn bits!) —