Awhile ago, and by that I mean about a year, I designed and knit a shawl using bulky weight yarn and US13 needles. This shawl is knit side to side and the edging is knit as you go. So when you get the body of the shawl done — it’s all over — no going back, just bury the ends and you are done. This is my favorite kind of knit. Some people have second sock syndrome; I have: can’t get that edging done-itis.

Jamie bought the yarn right away. Problem: I wrote my notes in pencil and they were too light to copy. Yes, I kept promising, I will get them typed up. They are next on my to-do list.

Charlotte has also decided she would like to knit the shawl. And, it is just the kind of knit Jan loves because it can be done on straight needles.

Today, it got typed, proofed, edited, and published in my online Ravelry store (you can search Mary Ellen Langieri or TheHumanLoom to find me). The name of the pattern is: THE CABLE BRANNIGAN SHAWL.

The specific yarn is at the store, and if you buy the yarn from the Studio, I will be happy to gift you the pattern!

Here is a photo:


I look forward to seeing you soon at Summit Yarn Studio!
xx M.E.