We had a great time at the Studio today. Everyone’s husband is on the S@#* List–they all must be on the same cycle. We laughed together as women struggling for sanity because otherwise all that would be left would be to cry. Knitting group tonight was even more fun–and yes, there were some hops (beer) involved.

Jamie is working on the test knit of my newest design. Robin is nearly done with her scarf for her son, Matthew. AND, Cathy (a fabulous crocheter) learned to do both the knit stitch and the purl stitch! YAY!!!

I played with my new Irish crochet book today and made two motifs using a technique I never heard of before. Now, I am wondering how I can incorporate that idea into knitting. Hmm…

The photo of our kitten Mozzie, well, it speaks for itself. Sigh…