After four friends independently told me about this contest, I downloaded the application and thought: sure, why not. Today I filled out the application and started writing my spiel for a three minute video about why they should pick me. I thought, halfway through this exercise, to go back and have a look at the rules. I googled the contest and came up with a ten page document chock-a-block full of legal-speak. This folks, is a year-long contest requiring no small amount of commitment. When I got to page four of this document I was reaching for my pepto-chews. I would have no right to anything I designed for 18 months — not to mention no guarantee of winning anything. One of the criteria for judging my knit creations would be my personality — oh, just swell! And they could use my information for up to five years to market themselves.

Do the math: 12 contestants, 6 challenges — that’s 72 designs for the sponsoring company for free. Not for me. And guaranteed that I would post a picture or forget some rule when most days I have trouble keeping my hands on my glasses, keys and phone. I don’t need a lawsuit on top of fighting off Alzheimer’s!

I completely enjoyed the Knitty contest. It rocked even if I win nothing — I still win by virtue of the fact I enjoyed the creative process. I even have seven patterns that I just have to type up and publish. But I will be damned if I’m going to design for a company for a whole year, and beyond, for free. Thanks but no thanks. This leaves more room for someone with a better personality and more funding than me. Good — go for it!