To anyone who knows a Russian knitter: the photo below is from a shawl purchased in Russia. I have looked for this stitch for six years now and will continue to look until the day I die. It is beautiful and there is nothing like it anywhere in any stitch dictionary I have come across. The stitch may be related to Estonian Patent (Brioche) Stitches — as that type of knitting is used elsewhere in the shawl. Please, I beg for your help.

I am also looking for directions for how to knit the Estonian Double Net stitch — where there are two colors used and the net appears on the surface of both sides of the fabric.

I can keep both how tos a secret if you need me to, I am happy to buy a book, just about anything for these two stitches. Thank you so very much in advance. I know the answer is out there somewhere!

xx. Mary Ellen