Early this morning, Martha sent me the best photo: crocuses blooming in her yard. Spring has sprung! Yay! Jan came for lesson today and did the second of three intarsia Jemima Puddleducks on her baby blanket. I can see the technique is getting easier for her — always a feel good moment. Alicia came by for a visit — she has a baby to knit for — a girl, so it’s always fun to get our Pink On.
Mentioning Pink, there is a pattern on sale because the series of Game of Thrones is returning (ad below). Cheryl’s baby sweater is blocked, dry, and safely waiting for her at the studio. Charlotte’s sweater is next in line to get blocked tonight — so it should be dry by Saturday. Everyone is very busy with their Spring projects, and I am feeling the need for change as well, I just haven’t settled on what just yet. Any suggestions? Posted below are also the top ten states in terms of readership in the USA as well as the top ten Countries!