Have been cuddling the cats all morning as they each come up, one by one, for lovies. Finished the garter portion of a new shawl pattern last night and worked out most of the details of the lace edge, which I get to begin today in fluffy pink kid silk mohair by Nurturing Fibres.

Jamie is coming over to share supper, knit and relax with us. We are making a recipe Suzy found, drinking a cocktail Robin shared, and Jamie is bring dessert…sort of a Summit Yarn feast.

Have a wonderful day! If you have time check out the Ravelry top 20 — there is a great toe-up Vanilla Sock Pattern by Carle’ Dehning for free. Defo go add it to your library — and give her some favorite click love!

Have a Blessed Easter and a Blessed Day no matter what holidays you celebrate!
With Love and Peace,
Mary Ellen Langieri