This is the most solemn of all the holy times in the Christian year — and has always held the deepest personal meaning for me. I sang in the choir in our church, played the organ the Easter Daylight Savings fell on the same weekend (the organist forgot), worked with the youth group and taught Sunday school to the High School and Adults. I was married in the Church where all this happened and for me Easter was never about eggs and rabbits, but about personal introspection and inner growth. There has also been the personal discovery that even though I work a good part of this weekend, still there is such an in-gathering of the sacred as people stop by the studio either for a project for while they travel OR to stop by and say hi since the last time they were in town. It is a time of connection and reconnection that I cherish. I count myself lucky to be the recipient of so very much Grace. I am grateful for my life just as it is and wouldn’t change a thing. I wish the same contentment for all of you this holy weekend and for always, no matter your faith or persuasion. Many of us may connect because of our love for Fiber and to create, but what binds us is the power of our common golden Human Hearts.
xx m.e. and Summit Yarn