I love reading all things Franklin Habit. His blog gets recommended to all my customers. He is a brilliant knitter and designer. He is witty and erudite. I tend to agree with him more than I do most men. He makes me think. I like that in a blogger and in Human Beings.

I am trying with every fiber of my being to enter the 21st century. Today, however, for at least an hour of my life I can never reclaim, this technological journey was once again an epic fail. I read Franklin’s blog: The Panopticon Blog. I saw the little button that said subscribe. I tapped it on my iPad. A box appears: This is an RSS feed. Do you want an App for this. If yes, tap OKAY. I tapped okay. I even purchased the App I felt most suited my abilities. I loaded the App onto my iPad. So far so good; already, though taking longer than I would like and apprehension setting in. Tried tapping the subscribe button on Franklin’s blog again. Same damn box came up. EFF.

Now I try figuring out the App. There are no obvious directions. There is no little question mark to tap. There is not a HELP button anywhere that I can see. I do see a place where a URL can be pasted in. I go BACK to Franklin’s blog and copy the URL. I paste it in the box. The App closes and the iPad shuts down. I do all this again with the same result. Now I close the iPad and put it at the other end of the table. I go back to my chair and run a list of interconnected curse words silently in my head. It’s hard to explain to new customers when I do this out loud, so I gave it up successfully during Lent. I go get that damn iPad and download a different App — a free App. Now this one needs me to set up a friggin Google account — which I do. Back to F.H.’s blog, copy URL, paste URL…App closes and iPad shuts off. Husband walks through door at this moment.

Want to guess what happens? He opens the iPad. He taps twice. The feed for the blog is now in the App working with great success. That’s it. I say: talk me through this. He can see he can comply or die a horrid death by my Signature Needle Arts size 8 straight needles. So, I try putting in the Yarn Harlot’s blog. The App closes and the iPad shuts down. Husbands eyes get very big and he goes to do homework with our son…moves away fast.