In photos below you will see the newest collection of Opal Sock Yarn. This is one of the most popular brands we carry and I love this brand because it allows me to carry a wide range of colors at a great price. Tola and her friend, Devon, came in today for a visit and a yarn fix. Tola’s lovely cat came straight to my arms for lovies. (photos below). Ghealach, the kitty, had a rough car ride, and settled on a chair next to me for a nap. She chose to stay with me while her mom went out to lunch and we had great fun playing catch the piece of yarn. When mom got back and kitty saw she was going back in a car, she was not real excited. I am sure she was glad to get back to Philadelphia and back out of the car!

Kelly came in and picked up her blocked scarf. We had a serene afternoon. Charlotte gave us a call to let me know she was very happy with her sweater — which is always a good feeling. It is amazing and never gets old to see someone has knit one of my patterns. This particular pattern, even with the struggles I had making corrections, is particularly dear to me, it is a piece of my Art — not just a sweater. It is a creation that came from struggle and a deeply personal place within; it came from my Heart. I think most designers probably feel this way. I would be surprised if they did not.

The dollar bins are getting low and I plan to have a look around the studio to see what else can go live in them this week. Two of he Juniper Moon Yarns (bulky Chadwick, and worsted Willa) are buy one get one free. There are still four balls of the $13 Christmas color Raggi sock yarn remaining. There is also some Elsbeth Lavold Angora and also Silky Wool on sale at cost, $4 a skein.

UPCOMING YARN TASTING: May 17th…put the date on your calendar!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn Studio