Last night I watched part of a documentary on Netflix called: Happy. It said that we have a baseline of happiness we are capable of feeling that is due 50% to genetics, 10% to the circumstances of our lives, and 40% is up to our own intention to maintain as we choose to or not. Even more simply, our day to day dramas only account for 10% and the other 90% of our mood is entirely up to the thoughts we dwell upon from moment to moment. We are responsible for the energy and light we bring into this world, into our own lives, AND into the lives we come across each day. I choose to be happy.

Today was stressful due to circumstances beyond my control. I marched myself into the gym after work because the physical exertion helps me release the stress. My friend, Deb, was there and remarked: you look like you don’t want want to be here. My face must have really been showing what I was aware of only as tense shoulders and neck. Her statement took me by surprise — mostly because I really did want to be there. Lesson to me: watch my inner energy more carefully. Get to the gym more often. I had a great workout by the way…the best in ages.

That aside, I am nearly done with a new shawl design and it will be done for Spring weather before the heat of Summer arrives. Yay! Photos below.

Take care and experiment with your state of happiness. I would love to hear what you discover!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn






I love the above sock pattern but I feel that $10 for a single sock pattern is a bit steep — especially given the backlog of books of sock patterns I have yet to exhaust in my library. Thoughts?