I had a little time to scan what’s new on Ravelry that s not on the top 20 currently. They are in the photos below. Today, Jan finished her Jemima Puddleduck Blanket and it is awesome. This is something I would make for presents. The intarsia was easy and not time consuming. The end-product was completely in line with the effort expended. I love it! Cheryl stopped by for supplies for a blanket she is knitting…I forget the name…it has circles in the center of motifs that become squares. We sat and figured out the directions for how to do the short rows that form each corner of the square and it was really fun. I can see myself using up my scrap sock yarn this way! I finished edging my newest shawl design tonight and still have a little pink mohair left over. I think it might possibly become a toy for Nikkers since is so clearly loves this yarn…when he looks at the yarn his pupils fully dilate every time. Hilarious!

It was a beautiful Spring day here and the light was unusually beautiful this afternoon into the evening. I took quite a few photographs, even as the final rays of light were fading from the sky. At one point I was taking a picture of the light hitting a sign and my husband said: I don’t get it, the sunset is over here. That’s okay. It was a great shot! Will share tomorrow after I have a chance to edit and crop.

xx M.E. and Summit Yarn Studio