In recent weeks I have been tinkering with and knitting one of the two things I love best to knit, lace. I have four designs written up, two knit and am finally knitting the third — the fourth is on needles. Am hoping to get some typing done tomorrow. My goal this next season is to catch up and publish on Ravelry all the work that has been created here at Summit Yarn in the past couple of years. There at least a dozen sock patterns. I have no excuse. Time to put my back not it! Hoping you will enjoy the end products. Here is the latest shawl — Suzy had a few minutes to model it!


Kelly is nearly done with her baby pod in a soft buttery yellow color. Jamie is working at her sweater — she will be very glad to finish the sleeve increases and get to the body of the sweater. Robin began the second of two socks last night in a beautiful green yarn from the studio. Chris is nearly done with her red Ewetopia sweater — just sew in sleeves and knit the neck. Cheryl is mass producing and loving her knit time…that makes me smile a lot. Cynthia’s lace table runner will be waiting for her here on Sunday to pick up when she has time in her busy schedule. Suzy is working on a Heidi Kirrmaier sweater with stripes and it is gorgeous. Lots going on here at the studio.

Have a great weekend!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn