I gave it my all and knit until I ran out of time. I still had three ideas that did not get completed: a shawl, cover the cat tree in these squares and a sweater that will come to fruition someday. I did submit five entries: a shawl, a tam, a slouchy hat, mitts, and a pair of socks. I learned to take a two dimensional square and turn it into three dimensional garments, how to listen to a project as it evolves and how to write my own lace edgings (and my own lace patterns too). It was a great experience. Yes, I am disappointed, honestly, but I don’t feel that I lost. I had fun doing what I love best — designing with lace; and I gave it my best effort. More, I have patterns that will eventually be published in my online Ravelry store. What has me most curious is: WHAT DID WIN?