There is a misconception out there about when I am here. If the flags are on the side of the building (the only exception being lunch from Monday through Friday 12-1pm) — the studio is open. The presence or absence of my car is NOT AN INDICATOR. The only day my car is not in the lot is Sunday. My husband and I have a weekly breakfast date now that our son is more independent, and Gary drops me off so I can get the floors vacuumed, bathroom clean, plants watered, and new displays arranged before opening for the afternoon.

For the rest of the current school year the hours for the studio are:
Monday 10:15-12,1-5
Tuesday 10:15-12,1-5
Wednesday (Brian has tennis lesson at 3pm & I have a date with the treadmill) 10:15-12,1-2:45
Thursday 10:15-12,1-5
Friday 10:15-12,1-5, & 7-9(call ahead to let me know you are coming in the evening please)
Saturday 10:15-2pm
Sunday is Knit & Visit 1-4 and often there are specials that day

When and IF the hours change I will be sure to let you know well ahead of time. Once in awhile we have last minute changes, like yesterday. Gary was planning to take Brian to the tennis match between Abington Heights and Scranton Prep. At four o’clock neither Brian nor I could raise Gary on the phone. I put a note on the door and took Brian. Turns out Gary got stuck at work. Thank you to those of you who understand that sometimes my roles as wife and mother have to come first. My apologies for any inconvenience this absence from the studio may have caused.
With love and light always,
M.E. and Summit Yarn