Well, all around me people’s lives have been a mess. One friend thought she had a new job but nothing came of all the interviews. Another buried her college senior son. Many are struggling with their teenage children. Bombs in Boston. Margaret Thatcher dead. Annette Funicello dead. Jonathan Winters dead. So much suffering and friction, increasing more and more. But me, I was fine so far. Until I just had to check my email one more time today. Yup. My ship sunk and my sanity is in the wind. Packing my bags now for a four year stay at the state hospital. Fortunately, they will allow me to continue blogging, but they took all my Signature Arts Needles away.

Being the parent of a teenager and the wife of a man who doe not know when to cool it verbally, is not for wusses. The End. Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine a little brighter. I’m not counting on it though.

Good luck…you probably need it too.
xx M.E.