Didn’t get much done today and I don’t really know why. Lots of little moments, no big stretches of time, I guess. The yarn for the new Adult Surprise Jacket arrived today. Was able to swatch and US6 needles give me the gauge the pattern is looking for. I worked at the provisional cast on and will count stitches tomorrow when I can transfer it to a longer needle.

Worked on another hat tonight. The idea for this one came from one of my customers battling breast cancer many years ago. She combined Cascade Fixation (an elastic cotton sock yarn) with Crystal Palace Fizz. She said it made her feel pretty and like she had hair. Nikkers got into the act and stole the ball of Fizz and ran like hellfire was chasing him (it was only me). You should have seen the yarn — he made it to the top of the stairs this time.

Being involved in the details of people’s lives in an intimate way was not something I anticipated when I opened the studio. I have to keep my mouth shut a lot (that has taken practice) and just listen. It has grown me as a human being. This whole adventure has really taken me out of my comfort zone in many ways. I am grateful to the friends and customers who have been so very patient with me as I have tried to grow in compassion and understanding of what it means to be fragile and human.

Have a Happy Now!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn