The studio is doing very well and I am grateful to all you friends and customers who make that a reality! Today was a quiet day, but okay as I have been feeling a bit crispy around my edges. While Brian did school work, I wrote out a charted pattern for Cheryl, and then worked on my Circular Stranded Adult Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s grandson, Cully Swansen. The pattern is well-written and clear. I am half-way through the first section. As I worked on it this afternoon, I watched the documentary in the title above.

The movie was about artist Wayne White and his family. It was a story that also included his friends and many people he works with; all of whom have a degree of contentment in their lives that is huge and wonderful. I find the same contentment in my design work. They just live this contentment even bigger. I am inspired and hope you watch it so you can hear him tell you why true beauty is embarrassing. He is an artist, a human and a Poet. He healed a sore place in my heart today and I feel gratitude for his presence and humor in this World we all share.