Happy May Day! Does anyone remember how we used to make something with a flower and bring it home from school a million years ago? Today was the day we did that…we were supposed to surprise a friend but I usually gave mine to my mother. I still love the tradition and the ideas behind it, though.

Got up early today to run some errands before opening the studio, among them to write and pay the rent check — which apparently got shredded by the secretary by accident. Or lost, she said, or maybe in a patients chart. She wasn’t sure. So Brian to tennis, me to bank to stop check, back to landlord to pay again. This time I took the receipt.

We have a beautiful shipment of Malabrigo Silk Wool, Lorna’s Laces sport and Lorna’s Laces sock. There is also a tantalizing supply of Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere in amazing colors. It is all so very beautiful I just want to roll around in it! There is also new Colinette: Cadenza superwash in Velvet Damson — a multitonal ocean of deep soothing blues.

Dear Kathy: I just finished a project today. I purchased it at least three to four years ago. It has taken me that long to knit, wash and block it.

Dear Suzy: below is a picture of a lump — if you can tell me the precise name of said lump you may possess it when it is dry.

Take care, still bad juju out there.
M.E. and Summit Yarn