And Juneberry continues with a beautiful edging…made it to the halfway point tonight and happily put my knitting down. It is a wide and very creative edging requiring lots of attention. I have had to backtrack (unknit) several times — either because I lost my place, screwed things up or both. Even so it is still well worth the effort. I love the stretchy softness of this fabric…lace knit on both sides seems to have a different drape and overall texture than lace knit on one side only. It is much more elastic and has a lovely smoosh that I do not possess just the right words to describe.

The new Noro display is mostly in place and now I am considering what to do with the newly emptied shelves. Time to go through the boxes and find something delightful and new for you to play with.

Reminder: YARN TASTING this Friday night from 5pm to closing! Lovely samples of yarn to try and let me know what you would like to see more of!