At times running a local yarn store can be very sedentary, and at other times it can be a major work out — shifting yarn around to put on close out, bring in new yarn, and creating new, appealing displays. This past winter I had a months long major illness and every time I have tried to go back to the gym, I wind up in the store with my head on the table wondering if I will ever really get back to normal. So, Monday I went back AGAIN to the gym and did a ten minute cardio and thirty minutes of lifting. Felt great, stiff a little but not like I needed to sleep for three days. Repeat process yesterday. Again I feel great, maybe a little more tired but not like before.

I am always aware to avoid certain gas producing foods for lunch on workout days — hummus is TOTALLY OFF THE LIST. You get the idea. However, the gym owner moved the sit up bench into a narrow hallway and even under the best of circumstances, sit ups are chancey. Sure enough — one, two, three sit ups and on the third sit up that little narrow hallway became the echofart chamber of doom and death. Not bad enough I can barely breathe, but the kid in the hallway on the Captains Chair (an AB device) turned green and melted. The old guy on the couch behind me…well, he found reserves to move even he didn’t know he possessed. I found the guy who works the desk sitting on the floor trying hide the fact he was laughing his ass off. I refuse to be embarrassed. You squeeze things…like the abdomen…it’s simple physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. They should move the sit up bench somewhere else. :-/