Welcome, to those of you who are new to this blog! Knitwear design is my passion and my Art. A recent adventure taught that how I make my whole life is my Art as well, so you will have to sift through the random stories, videos and photos as part of the experience of this blog. If you need a funny story just look back in the archives under posts entitled: Confessions…I have a tendency to get into the most baffling and embarrassing situations. However, I can also laugh at myself so I share.

This blog is read in 129 countries around the world (66% of the worlds countries). We have just passed the 200,000 views EVER landmark which was a real thrill for me in just four years. I extend my whole hearted gratitude to each and every viewer who made this rapid growth possible. Future plans, now that video is possible here, include both knitting and crochet instructional videos. Please send questions and suggestions for topics of interest, so we can share in this space together.



    Here’s hoping you all have a happy knit and a great weekend. The Studio will be closed Sunday and Monday (my 24th wedding anniversary AND my husband has the day off!). I will continue to blog and will reopen the studio on Tuesday of next week! It looks like the next and final installment will appear here next Wednesday….I have to give some thought to the wording. Sometimes it is easier to see concepts silently inside my head than to write or speak them. I thank you for your patience in advance!

    Oh, in celebration of our anniversary we gave each other a new fridge and a new mattress. The cats think–no, believe, the mattress is some fabulous new cat tree and are loving it while it is propped in the hall. This is only the second refrigerator we have ever purchased, and in fact my father-in-law bought us our first which was just taken away today. Where does TIME get to anyway?

    xx M.E. and Summit Yarn