The Beekeeper’s Quilt is a stash busting quick knit way to use up scraps and apparently the hexagons which comprise it also make fabulous cat toys! My friend Tola has been chucking them out like a machine so I thought I would try my hand at it. I knit one which my cat, Nikkers immediately stole. Then as I knit two more he paced back and forth across me trying to steal these as well before they were even off the needles. I assure you he made grafting (Kitchener Stitch) near impossible. Compared to the ratites I create for him out of special fibers these hexagons out of super wash sock yarn are boring. And yet, Nikkers clearly has his own opinion. I tried stuffing them in my shirt to keep them corralled. He just dug in and stole the hexagons back! Here is tonight’s video to amuse you.

Go check out the pattern on Ravelry. It used to be free but I find it is well worth the price for this much entertainment!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn