Netflix is awesome! Finally, I am getting to watch the original series of Star Trek (dedicated William Shatner fan — my guilty pleasure, we all must have at least one, he is mine, the end.) from first episode in order all the way to the last episode. I am about a third of the way through season two and loving every moment. Must admit attitudes towards women: absolutely appalling…but it was the sixties and we were still emerging (re-emerging?) as the strong entities we really are. I live for the day men can get pregnant an go through labor…they don’t know the half of it…still.

When I watch movies I always watch for knit/crochet items and costuming. I contend that Star Trek could never have survived without gold lame and gold metallic rick rack. They must have gone through tons of it. Especially, the god in the gold lame toga…love to see DH in that! Ahem…sorry, got carried away. The only knit item thus far was a knit hat to cover Spock’s ears and crochet belts in the episode where Spock is supposed to get married. Here are photos to inform and enjoy!