Jamie, Kathy and I have been working on the “Building Blocks” blanket, a pattern published by Skacel using their yarn, HiKoo Simplicity. We all, including Robin and Marybeth, love this cushy, true worsted weight superwash yarn. It comes in a myriad of wonderful colors and possesses a great hand. It has been WONDERFUL to work with. While the pattern is beautiful, we tweaked it. We knit each vertical column of squares as one piece — when you change to a new color start with right side facing and knit the first row, then five rows of seed. AND we cast directly on to each preceding vertical row and attached the next vertical row of squares at the beginning of each right side row to the panel before. There are not any seams and every square is precisely the same size. Now we are going to increase from twelve to sixteen squares for a better size blanket. I thought you might be interested in the patterns we come up with as we go. You could use these for washcloths, scarves, blanket squares, cowls, and so much more.

The first is one of my favorite stitches based on any multiple of four stitches plus one more (so if you want four repeats, 4 x 4= 16 + 1 more = 17 sts total. It has been referred to as faux honeycomb, royal quilted stitch, quilted stitch, and more. It is a SLIP STITCH TYPE PATTERN, which is where you will find it in Barbara Walker Volume One.

Cast on 50 stitches and seed 5 rows.
Row 1: seed 4, *yarn forward (yf), slip 3 sts as if to purl, yarn back (yb), k1; repeat x 10 total,
K1, (FIRST TIME YOU COMPLETE THIS ROW ONLY– k2tog, p1, k1, p1 = seed 4 edge
And 49 sts).
Row 2: seed 4, p to last 4, seed 4.
Row 3: seed 4, k1, *put RH needle UNDER carried yarn from previous row — from under up to LH ndl and knit carried yarn together with next st, k3; repeat x 10 total, end seed 4.
Row 4: seed 4, p to last 4, seed 4.
Row 5: seed 4, k2, *yf, sl 3 as if to purl, yb, k1; repeat x 9 total, yf, sl3 as if to purl, yb, seed 4.
Row 6: seed 4, p to last 4, seed 4.
Row 7: seed 4, *k3, k carried strand with stitch above as described before; repeat x 10 total, k1,
Seed 4.
Row 8: seed 4, p to last 4, seed 4.

Complete Rows 1-8 a total of 7 times, and rows 1-4 once more. Oblast row just before the seed edge make one to increase back to 50 sts.
Seed 5 rows and then bind off loosely in seed stitch.