This is the second of four squares we here at Summit Yarn are adding to the Building Blocks Blanket published by Michelle Hunter for Skacel. The pattern is from Barbara Walker Volume Two and is adapted to include the twisted stitch frame which she shows in her photo but does not include in the stitch pattern. This makes for a multiple of nine stitches plus 6 as written in my pattern below. It was a fun stitch pattern and easy to memorize as it was only a four row repeat.

Framed Cross-Stitch Cable Square
Cast on 50 stitches and seed 5 (or 6 rows if you prefer).

Row 1(RS): seed 4, p2, [k1tbl, p2, k4, p2] X 4, k1tbl, p2, (FIRST TIME ONLY– k2tog, p1, k1, p1; ALL OTHER PATTERN REPEATS JUST SEED 4 at the end of this row/ 49 sts).

Row 2(WS): seed 4, k2, [p2, k2, p4 wrapping yarn 2X around ndl for each of these purl sts, k2] X4, last 7 sts: p1tbl, k2, seed 4.

Row 3(RS): seed 4, p2, [k1tbl, p2, slip 4 sts with yarn held at back of work dropping extra wraps, then with point of LH ndl pass 1st two elongated sts over the second two and place all four sts on the LH ndl — k all 4 elongated sts in this crossed order, p2] X 4, last 7 sts: k1tbl, p2, seed 4.

Row 4(WS): seed 4, k2, [p1tbl, k2, p4, k2] X 4, last 7 sts: p1tbl, k2, seed 4.

Complete fourteen total repeats of rows 1- 4, seed five rows and bind off loosely in seed pattern as established.

In the photos below I have also shown the “seams” as they appear. They are smooth and completed the same way you would knit an edging onto a shawl. The idea worked better than anticipated without any lumpy ugly seams on the wrong side of the fabric.

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