I hit a dry patch and it didn’t really register why until yesterday. We have been so busy with dear son going away to a tennis camp (first away camp ever), and cleaning and painting his room and just getting each day lived in the best way possible I didn’t take time to listen to my heart. June 17th was the day my daughter, Brynna, was born and died. Someone on Ravelry JUST HAPPENED to publish a sweater with the same name and I came across it yesterday.

It was a terrible day that day. The day before I had told my OB I thought I leaked fluid and he dismissed it — even though I was a high risk pregnancy. Twenty four hours later she died in my arms because I was right and everything had become infected. Simultaneously, dear husband had food poisoning, for which he got sedation. The doctors used too much medicine and my lungs filled with fluid. Two ICU nurses were called to look after me. Somehow Gary and I made it through. It was terrible to lose a second child. It felt like we were being punished without knowing why.

Two years later Brian became our son and we finally felt complete as a family. We still do. One day it dawned on me, while Brian was asking a battery of questions about where he came from, that all three of my children had been born on the 17th of a month. It was then I turned to Brian and pointed that out and said, “You kept trying to get to us, it just took your soul three tries. We finally got lucky!”.

xx M.E.
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