Knitting Camp is WOWWOWWOWWOWWOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning Meg Swansen taught and this afternoon Amy Detjen taught. I took notes and notes and notes. They are the most amazing of teams and perfectly balance each other. I have knit avidly for forty six years and LEARNED SO MUCH that made sense. I didn’t want each session to end. It was only when fatigue really set in tonight that I finally went to bed. This is inspiring and I hear the same thing from all the knitters here with whom I have visited. There are 58 of us, all ages, from all over the U.S., and all experience levels. Laughter rings out all through the day. There is no snobbery, only people enjoying something that is MORE and meaningful as a pursuit; people who know the rewards of the creative process and love sharing just THAT with other like-minded individuals. We shared stories of both our successes and our failures today. My heart is brim full, as are my knitting needles with new yarn.

For those of you who have purchased my Pure Comfort Shawl pattern, my deep apologies. There two errors, minor but errors nonetheless. Row 8 is the same as Row six. I edited out Rows 29 and 30, so they simply do not exist. I meant to renumber the rows and forgot. I have posted this errata on the pattern page on Ravelry as well. When I return home and back to work after this holiday weekend and have access to my computer (I am in Wisconsin, the computer is in Pennsylvania), I will correct the PDF and updates will be available via your Ravelry account. I was glad to be made aware of these errors and even happier to fix them. I was very saddened by the individual who wrote me not one but two nasty emails and freely sent my pattern to her friends and FREELY ignored my pattern copyright. I would never knowingly cause any knitter aggravation or disrespect. It is my hope that this kind of positive karma will be something I earn from people who enjoy knitting my designs and accept my common humanity, warts and all. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Have a lovely weekend and I wish you all happiness and compassion — for yourselves and the people who are put in your path. xx M.E. and Summit Yarn