So, I get settled into the hotel and meet the first few knitters to arrive because I am of course there Early (my OCD: on time means with lots of time to spare!). They ask me: where is your name tag?

My what? Aren’t they just going to slap a sticker with my name on my boob?

No. You have to make it yourself.

Well, crap.

Up to my room I go and empty every pocket of my everything. I go back down to the lobby desk and scavenge a post it note, three pieces of tape and a TINY safety pin. Back to my room.

I did not bring ANY extra yarn because of course I am going to BUY YARN HERE because of course I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY IN MY STASH OR IN MY STUDIO. I do however have in my coin purse a piece of lace edging (doesn’t everybody?) waiting for me to graft it on the end of a lace scarf when I have pushed that ball of yarn as far as it will go.

I graft the ends of the lace together and gather it like a flower. The rest you can see in the photos below.

I think this should be a camp contest every year! It was actually fun!
xx M.E.

Desperation, not Necessity, is the Mother of Invention! ;-D