One of the many handouts and patterns discussed at Knitting Camp was the Rib Warmer pattern–both the original 1956 version and all the variations and improvements that have expanded the initial concept. There is one potential rough patch in the beginning and I thought I filed the correct solution given in camp in my brain for when I got home. Today I decided to work my way through the miniature version of the basic pattern.

Then as I contemplated the 16 SENTENCE pattern, I didn’t feel so sure but I knew I had a 50/50 chance at that beginning rough patch. Well, now I know this pattern inside and out after spending the day with those 16 sentences. And…I got the beginning wrong, so, I have to fix that tomorrow. Since the practice version is only teddy bear size, it is not such a big deal as if it was my size. When I realized how it should work I RAN to the pattern and sketched out the schematic. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow having forgotten the wisdom I spent pursuing today AND I have my own design variation on this theme that I want to pursue now that I can comprehend the concepts involved.

My son is at another camp this week and I miss him already. Huz and I actually went to see Despicable Me 2. It was fun and good old fashioned moronic humor. The stars were the minions. I loved every minute.

If you are a TRUE BLOOD fan, make sure you listen to the song playing during the end credits of this weeks show. My husband dissolved into a pool of laughter at the lyrics. Sometimes I really have to wonder about that man.