Many apologies for this long absence. After struggling with the decision, in March the brick and mortar studio closed and I will be opening an etsy studio instead. This is all very exciting!

Packing the studio up and putting it into storage, however, has been a daily Herculean effort. I am stupid right now from being tired. It’s actually funny because I wind up in all sorts of unexpected situations looking and sounding quite clueless.

Anyway, as I pack, I take breaks to play this global online game called: Clash of Clans. Being an overachiever, I of course have two clan bases and two personae…in the same clan…Knitzilla and Ogresta. What is awesome are the other people in the clan! There are some kids, my son included. There are engineers (building stuff must attract them), doctors, college students and more. More…from around the world: Qatar, Singapore, Denmark, UK, Sweden, USA (from PA to CA), and other places I can’t recall. There is a chat room and we are a tight knit bunch…seen the show “The Guild”? Well, I think we are a bit more evolved but it’s awesome to get to know these wonderful people from around the world.

Today was day 2 and completion of repairing a couch cushion my dog shredded…I ran out of bins to pack stuff in and there’s really not much more to do.

Take care and stay posted! Shoutout to “annass”, “Maijin” and “Snakebyte”!
Much light and laughter to you all!
xox Mary Ellen