Well, it seems DRAMA is an all pervasive thing in life. At my son’s urging, I began playing Clash of Clans some time ago and find it can be very fun. There are players from all over the world–Qatar, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, USA. There is a global chat which is not for me but the clan chat where you get to know members of your clan can be interesting. I met people of all ages–5yo with his Dad to 54 yo(Frits!) and all kinds of interests. Moms to engineers to physicians…and early education(coribio!). I learned local colloquialisms that made me laugh from being unexpected.

I loved the last clan I belonged to…but things got harsh and dramatic and I guess it was time to move on. It’s a shame, and I actually cried. I hope these people find ways to stay in touch so the friendships can be maintained. Actually, one already has.

The lesson none of the leaders of the clan seemed to get: say or do what you will with me…but attack my family and I WILL BREATHE FIRE ALL OVER YOU! Can you believe this is just a game?

We started our own little family clan: ClashOfThrones. It will need time to grow and like many things…it is a new experiment. Cross your fingers for me!

Love and light and good wishes always, Mary Ellen